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I am The Magnet Baron.


If you’re looking for strong magnets for your project, hobby, or parts, you’ve come to the right


What have we been up to?

Ferro-Magnetic Terrain: Terrain that magnetized models sticks to.  Think of it as anti-bump insurance.

Scenic Pre-Magnetized bases: highly detailed scenic bases that have magnets embedded in them to make transport easier.

Impulsor Magnetizing Kit
Regular price $7.99
5-Man 1" Bubble Ferro-Resin Movement Tray
From $4.99
Invictor Warsuit Magnetizing Kit
Regular price $6.99
30-Man Cloud Ferro-Resin movement Tray
From $15.99
Doomsday Ark Custom Flight Stand Kit with Rock Anchor-Back Order
Regular price $13.99
Circular Ferro-Resin Movement Tray
Regular price $3.99
3-Man Oval Ferro-Resin Movement Tray
From $5.99
Spartan Penguin Magnetized
Regular price $2.99 Sold Out
Tantalus Flight Stand With Converter and Anchor
Regular price $39.99
8+1 Guardsman+Heavy Weapon Ferro-Resin Movement Tray
Regular price $5.99
6-Man Cloud Ferro-Resin Movement Tray
From $4.99
Hero Holders-Round
From $1.99