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Flight stands are measured to be accurate to the GW heights WITH all appropriate components attached, i.e. for flat stands with 2 magnets on top and 2 magnets on the bottom.  The acrylic is designed to be shorter to compensate for this height variation.

On occasion, we update the sizes before we can update the pictures and labels.  As such, labels and website pictures are not necessarily an accurate representation of the height and should be used for reference rather than a guide to the product.  Please use the description to determine the height of the stand that you need and will receive.  If the description does not appear ot be the correct size that you need, please contact us prior to ordering so we can fix any potential stand mixups.


There are a grand total of 12 different strength classes of flight stands, all of which are the same magnets and diameter as their counterparts on different pages.  Meaning, a Small Posable flighht stand on the 40k tab is the same pack as the X-Wing Smal Posable kit.