Handling Time

Generally, we ship orders as soon as they come in. However, for things that produce ourselves, i.e. all the resin parts across the store, we produce those internally and sometimes need 1-2 weeks to produce enough as there are massive spikes in demand that we caught unaware of **cough cough Fobos Marines*** and we aren't quite able to ramp up or shift production capacity to these items as we are pretty close to maximum capacity.  We are nearing the point of opening a much larger facility that will allow us to produce more and deliver quicker.  By June/July 2019 we should be at full strength and be able to go back to our 1-2 day shipping policy.

P.S. The Baron doesn't sleep unless every one of your orders is on its way.  I won't be sleeping much until the summer apparently....

Flat $3.75 Shipping/Free Shipping

In the USA, all orders ship for $3.75.  For orders over $60, orders ship free! 



Back Order & Preorder

Back ordered items will ship by the date shown next to the Back Order note in the title.  On occasion for some very large orders, we will ship the rest of your order out as normal and send the back ordered item for Free when it comes in!