Super Magnets

(Diameter/Width across the top, Height of the magnet down the side)

Below the Disc magnet chart is a chart of ring magnets.                                                                  Height

                                                (Diameter x Height +/-0.1mm)

0.5mm 1mm 2mm 3mm Misc
1mm  1.0x0.5mm 1.0x1.0mm ------------ ------------ ------------
1.5mm 1.5x0.5mm 1.5x1.0mm ------------ ------------ ------------
2mm 2.0x0.5mm
2.0x1.0mm 2.0x2.0mm 2.0x3.0mm -----------
2.5mm 2.5x0.5mm 2.5x1.0mm 2.5x2.0mm 2.5x3.0mm -----------
3mm 3.0x0.5mm 3.0x1.0mm 3.0x2.0mm 3.0x3.0mm 3.0x4.0mm 3.0x6.0mm
4mm ------------ 4.0x1.0mm 4.0x2.0mm 4.0x3.0mm 4.0x3.5mm 4.0x5.0mm
5mm ------------ 5.0x1.0mm 5.0x2.0mm 5.0x3.0mm ------------
6mm ------------ 6.0x1.0mm 6.0x2.0mm 6.0x3.0mm 6.0x3.5mm
8mm ------------ 8.0x1.0mm 8.0x2.0mm 8.0x3.0mm 8.0x3.5mm
10mm ------------ 10.x1.0mm 10.x2.0mm 10.x3.0mm
12mm ------------ ------------ 12.x2.0mm 12.x3.0mm ------------
14mm ------------ ------------ 14.x2.0mm 14.x3.0mm ------------
20mm ------------ ------------ 20x-2.0mm 20.x3.0mm ------------
25mm ------------ ------------ 25.0x2.0mm 25.x3.0mm ------------



Ring Magnet Height
Diameter 3.0mm
6mm 6.0x3.0mm
8mm 8.0-3.0mm
10mm 10.0x3.0mm
12mm 12.0x3.0mm
20mm 20.0x3.0mm