Super Magnets


0.5mm 1mm 2mm 3mm
1mm 1-0.5mm 1-1mm
1.5mm 1.5-1mm
2mm 2-1mm 2-2mm 2-3mm
2.5mm 2.5-1mm 2.5-2mm
3mm 3-0.5mm 3-1mm 3-2mm 3-3mm 3mm-4mm
4mm 4-1mm 4-2mm 4-5mm
5mm 5-1mm 5-2mm 5-3mm
6mm 6-1mm 6-2mm 6-3mm
8mm 8-1mm 8-2mm 8-3mm
10mm 10-1mm 10-2mm 10-3mm 10-10mm
12mm 12-2mm 12-3mm
14mm 14-2mm 14-3mm
20mm 20-2mm 20-3mm
25mm 25-2mm 25-3mm



Ring Magnet Height
Diameter 3mm
6mm 6-3mm
8mm 8-3mm
10mm 10-3mm
12mm  12-3mm
20mm 20-3mm

Need Super Magnets for a project? Here's a carefully curated selection of super magnets for your basic super magnet needs.

This is the best glue we know of that holds N52 grade Neodymium super magnets.

For quicker dry times use Insta-Set.