Spartan Penguin Magnetized

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Penguins with Spartan armor and a magnetized exchangeable spear and sword that stands 20mm tall.  A picture says a thousand words.


We have some pretty unique skills over here at The Magnet Baron, so we figured we'd start showing them off with our newest line of pre-magnetized CUSTOM in house miniatures.  This penguin is our own design sculpted by Antoine Bergeron.

These were made to be about 2/3 the size of a 28mm scale human since we weren't trying to make Spartan Dire Penguins, yet.


Let us know what other minis you want us to come out with, this one was a suggestion by a friend.


if you have miniatures you want manufactured with magnetized options we are more than happy to produce miniatures for game designers.


NOTE: Penguins arrive unpainted and may require being cleaned and partially assembled.  Magnets are embedded inside of the parts naturally.