1x MEGA Large THUNDERHAWK Flat Magnetic Flight Stand

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Flight stand doesn't work?

You can't transport it?

Why does it look so... funny?


Replace that untrasnportable behemoth for a magnetic acrylic flight stand!

There is a short and a long version of this kit for Valkyries, Storm Ravens, vs large skimmers that don't want to be 4.5" off the ground.

 This kit is perfect for the following Warhammer 40k models:



4x 1"x1/8" Disc Magnets, Extra Strength

1x 1" Diameter Acrylic Rod, either 2 or 4" tall


These magnets are incredibly strong and can pinch your fingers.  DO NOT! let children play with them and DO NOT let your fingers get between them.

If you want to separate these magnets from each other or when they are being used on teh model, slide them apart.


Let me know if there's another kit you're interested in or need some advice on magnetizing a model.