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MagSafe Wall Mount

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Magnetize your iPhone to any surface with these MagSafe rings.


Strong vs Thin

The Strong version of the ring has 2 colors available, black and white. It's much thicker than the Thin version and is also much stronger.

Use the strong mount to mount your phone to a kitchen wall for phone recipe viewing.

The Thin version is only metallic and is much slimmer allowing you to insert it into a wallet or other thin portable accessory.

If your phone or other object isn't MagSafe enabled already you can use the thin mount ring to make the strong mount grab onto it.

Use the strong ring to magnetize to your MagSafe enabled phone.

The magnetic ring will not stick to MagSafe accessories, the magnets will repel each other on the accessories. 


Each ring has a peal and stick adhesive backing ready for most any surface you can throw at it.

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