3 Sets Hernkyn Pioneers Magnetization Kit

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Drill Bit Small Bundle 1mm-3mm
Large Pin Vise (0.5mm-8mm)
Maxi-Cure Plus Super Glue For Magnets
Insta-Set Quick Set Superglue Spray
50pcs Flush-Fit Base Magnets - Large Thick 6mm x 2.6mm
Bases with Magnets-Warhammer - 40mm 5-Pack Round
Scenic Base Flat-Bottomed Self-Adhesive Magnets - 40mm Round (5-Pack)

Magnetize your Hernkyn Pioneer Jetbikes for your Leagues of Votann with this magnetization kit and follow along with the tutorial.

This kit magnetizes all of the options for one box of Pioneers. Use the Small Flat magnetic flight stands sold separately to get them flying and mounted.



10pcs 2x1mm Disc Magnets

2pcs 2x2mm Disc Magnets

12pcs 1x1mm Disc Magnets



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