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Character & Wargear + Tab Sets For Plasteel Movement Trays

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50pcs Flush-Fit Base Magnets
Bases with Magnets-Warhammer

Attaching Heroes, Drones, and Plasmacytes or other wargear models to your squads is easier than ever with these Ferro-Magnetic Character & Wargear tray attachments.

 Designed so any size character base can attach to any size squad base, these movement tray accessories come in two-parts. One thin part glues to the movement tray itself and has a small tab that hangs off of the tray, the other part is set for your character or wargear model can stay attached to the unit.


The tabs allow you to change up what size character bases you've attached to your unit. These are compatible with our Plasteel Movement Trays. Magnetized bases are required for these trays to work for your models. Simply glue the thin tabbed piece to your tray and slide on and off the character tray as needed.



These rimless Plasteel movement trays are designed to have as little impact on the game state as possible, from the rimless design to the trays being less than 4mm tall.



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