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Really Useful Box 4L & 9L Magnetization Trays with Adhesive

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50pcs Flush-Fit Base Magnets
50pcs Flush-Fit Basing Magnets Legion Compatible
Maxi-Cure Plus Super Glue For Magnets
Insta-Set Quick Set Superglue Spray

Make a great Ferro-Magnetic miniature case out of a Really Useful Box with our special Ferro-Magnetic Stainless Steel and Adhesive tape.


You can magnetize 1 or 5 Really Useful Boxes with this kit depending on if you choose the 1 pack or 5 pack.

This kit is designed for the standard Really Useful Box size that is roughly the size of a piece of paper (8-1/2 x 12").

This kit contains 1 sheet with adhesive that will convert 1 Really Useful Box container into a Ferro-Magnetic carrying case. Ferro-Magnetic means that magnets are attracted to this metal NOT that it is magnetic. 

0.5mm Thickness

Not compatible with the 19L containers or the 4L and 9L in the UK.

Compatibility with international Really Useful Boxes is not guaranteed as it appears there may be a 2mm difference in the flat surface space on the bottom of the bocxes. 



 Using these Really Useful Box liners are INCREDIBLY easy.

Peal the adhesive paper off of the strips and press firmly to the container.

Feel free to remove the protective film on the top, that is there to protect it during the production and transportation process.

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