3x Tomb Blade Magnetizing Kits

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Magnetize 3 of your Tomb Blade weapon options with these custom bits. You'll be able to swap between all 3 options on 3 Tomb Blades with all the included magnets and bits.

All you need to do is glue each set of weapons to each of the included bits and glue the included magnets into the pre-drilled magnet hole.

The hole on the bit is deep enough so you can glue the magnet directly on top of the model where the ball would normally go. The recess is the depth of 2 magnets. NO DRILLING REQUIRED! NONE! Just gluing.


Included in the kit

9x Tomb Blade Magnetization Bits

12x 3mm x 2mm N52 Disc Magnets


This kit will magnetize 1 box of 3 Tomb Blades.


To magnetize the wargear options you will need 2mm  1mm magnets here along with a 2mm drill bit here.