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Warlord Titan 40k Magnetizing Kit

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Make your Warlord options modular!

Use custom drop in parts to make your Warlord way easier to swap parts.


This will work for all your Warlord arms as well as 6 total carapace weapon options or 5 options plus the head.

2 Elbow Replacements

2 Capts

1 Drill Guide

16pcs 10mm x 3mm disc magnets

Epoxy 4.5oz

2pcs 25mm x 3mm disc magnets

You will need a driver to remove the bolt and retighten into a new arm.

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Assembly Instructions-2.0

Warlord Modular Kit Instructions

These are the instructions to allow you to easily and safely swap the arm weapons on the 40k scale Warlord Titan.

 Warlord Elbow Kit

These are the parts that you will receive with your kit.  From left to right: elbow drill guide, elbow cap, metal bolt, and the replacement elbow piece.  All parts are 3D printed except for the bolts.  Colors may vary.

Warlord Elbow Tools Needed

You will need some basic tools.  From left to right: Some kind of clamp, drill bit (7mm or 9/32") plus drill (not shown), file or sandpaper, clippers or saw, and a nut driver or socket (7/16" or ~12mm).  You can probably get away without some of these tools, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Clipping the Elbow

Step 1: The replacement elbow piece was 3D printed with a support pilar towards the outer edge, shown as orange in the above picture.  The purpose was to minimize any warping in the curing process.  Using a pair of clippers or saw, remove the support pilar and then sand or file both inside walls so they are flat.

File the cap

Step 2:  The cap is used to cover the bolt when in use.  It will likely fit rather tight into the recess in the elbow piece.  At this point, you should experiment with the fit of the cap by sanding or filing the outer surface.  You will want it loose enough to be able to remove easily when you need to, but tight enough that it doesn't fall out.  If you accidentally put it in and it is too tight, notice that the recess around the cap is rather open.  You should be able to grab it with your fingers or a pair of larger pliers.

File the weapon

Step 3:  Check the fit of the replacement elbow piece on the part of the weapon that has the circular elbow cylinder.  The replacement part should fit over the elbow cylinder, but not so tight that you risk breaking the part.  If it is too tight, use a file or sand paper to reduce the thickness of the cylinder.  You will likely only have to file the top half of the cylinder no more than a millimeter.

If it is very loose, possible but not likely, tightening the bolt might too much might cause the elbow replacement part to break.  You should fill the gap with plastic card or similar material.  You would want to cut it into a circle/donut approximately 30mm outer diameter with a center hole of approximately 8mm diameter.

Drill the weapon

Step 4:  Here you will drill a hole in all of your Warlord titan arm weapons.  Gather your drill & bit, the drill guide, a clamp, and the part of your arm weapon that has the circular elbow cylinder.

Clamp (or hold) the drill guide onto the arm weapon cylinder.  Ensure that the guide is fully seated on the cylinder; The top of the cylinder is at the top of the inside of the guide.

Realize that it is more important for the hole to be drilled straight into the cylinder than for the hole to be in the perfect middle of the cylinder.

Drill the hole into the weapon.  Since the guide is very deep, it will take you several passes to get through the whole cylinder.  Once the threads on the drill bit are in deep enough to not allow the shavings to be pushed out, you will need to drill a little, remove the drill bit, clean off the shavings, and repeat the process.

Perform this step on all of the arm weapons that you would like to be able to switch around.  This process will work on the guns and melee weapon released as of the time of writing.

You should make sure that you save the drill guide, to enable you to repeat this process if you ever buy any additional weapons in the future.

 Tighten the bolt

Step 5:  Line up the elbow replacement piece with the hole drilled into the weapon cylinder.  Important:  Ensure that the open side is on the outside, away from the body of the titan.  Insert the bolt into the hole.  Using the nut driver or socket, tighten the bolt until the weapon is held firmly in the part.

 Finished Elbow

Finished!  This is what the Warlord elbow joint will look like once you have completed this installation.  You should be able to remove the cap, use the nut driver or socket to unscrew the bolt, and exchange the weapon for a different one.

There is a very tiny vent hole on the side of the elbow replacement part with the threaded hole.  You can fill this hole in with putty, glue, or a piece of plastic card 5.7mm or smaller.

Assembly Instructions-1.0

Many of you have used our Warlord Magnetization Kit over the years and we wanted to preserve the instructions for the first kit while we upgrade to an easier kit to make sure you can still get full use out of your kit.


Complete contents of the page before updated

 Baseline Kit Contents

  • 32x 10mm x 3mm (3/8x1/8) Disc Magnets- Arms & Carapace weapons (2 magnets per joint)
  • (You can magnetize 6 arms and 6 carapace weapons with this many magnets)
  • 2x 1"x1/8" Disc Magnets for the torso>Legs magnetization
  • 9oz Two-Part 5 Minute Epoxy

Spikey Bitz did a couple videos on putting together a Warlord Titan together:


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