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3x Medium Small Flat Magnetic Flight Stands

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Broken skimmer stands?

Of course they broke, who didn't think they would?


The following Warhammer 40k models work well on this kit:

Custodes Vertus Praetor Dawneagle Jetbikes, Destroyers, Allopex, Talos


Item Dimensions
3 Acrylic Flight Stands 5/16" Diameter x less than an inch (23mm)
12 Disc Magnets  5/16" x 1/16" (8mm x 2mm)
3 Rock Anchors Medium Small (8mm inner diameter)
1 Flight Stand Guide Medium Small

Rock Anchor

These rocks are made so the flight stands will be stronger and more stable for the base connection.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Remove the peg from the base and model as cleanly as possible.
  2. Glue a Rock Adapter to the base.
  3. Glue a disc magnet inside the rock adapter, or if you don't have an adapter, glue the magnet to the base.
  4. Glue a disc magnet to the flight stand ensuring that the polarities will attract one another with the magnet you have already glued.
  5. Repeat step 4 on the other side of the flight stand.  Remember, the flight stand is the same on the top and bottom for the Flats, so match the magnets so you don't have to remember up/down.
  6. Glue the final magnet to the model ensuring that it will also match the magnets you have already glued.

Magnetizing a model with this kit will take about 1-2 minutes in total.  You will spend more time trying to clean the superglue off your fingers than assembling these stands.

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