Tantalus Flight Stand With Converter and Anchor

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The Tantalus is one of those models that was just not designed to actually be used on the table.


The flight stand that they use on the webstore where it is sold doesn't even use the stand they provide in the box.




Here we have a flight stand kit with a specially designed adapter to let you put this model on the table for the first time on a flight stand.


It even comes with two magnets so you can magnetize the sail for ease of transport!






1x Large Flat Flight Stand


4x 1/2” x 1/8” Disc Magnets


1x Tantalus Adapter


1x Large Flat Base Anchor


Resin Imperial Knight Base


2x Sail Magnets


 2x Rutter Magnets



This includes EVERYTHING you need under the ship so you don't have to go shopping around!