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10pcs Waterproof Sewn-In Magnets

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Sewing magnets are perfect for pockets, clasps, purses, and other sewing projects. They are already waterproofed to be machine washable.

There are three sizes, small (12x2mm), medium (18x2mm), and large (25x2mm).

Material Usage recommendations

Material Small Medium Large
Cotton T-Shirt 0.012" Good Firm Over Powered
Denim/Jeans 0.028" Light Good Strong
Canvas 0.04" Light Good Firm
Leather 0.0625" Gentle Light Good
Leather 0.125" Weak  Gentle Light

All of our magnets are the highest grade of Neodymium magnets, N52. N52 magnets are 1.5 times stronger than the most common N35 magnets.

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