Leviathan Dreadnought Magnetization Kit

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Build and magnetize the new plastic close combat Horus Heresy Leviathan Dreadnought with the strongest N52 triple coated Neodymium super magnets available.


8pcs 2mm x 1mm disc magnets (small arms)

2pcs 6mm x 2mm disc magnets (shoulder magnet)

4pcs 6mm x 3mm disc magnets (arm options)

2pcs 8mm x 2mm disc magnets (Volkite Blaster)


Note a slight difference between the kit and the video.

We use 6x3 and 6x2 magnets in teh kit, Rob uses 2 6x2 magnets glued on top of each other and 1 6x1mm magnet. The effect is the same, though the kit offered here doesn't require gluing 2 magnets and the arm socket has a slight recess for the 6x2 magnet.







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