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Invictor Warsuit Magnetizing Kit

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 Get exactly what magnets you need with this kit!  I've included a couple extra of each magnet just in case something goes wrong.

What is included:

Pistol 3x 2mm x 1mm

Power Fist 1 6mm x 2mm

Arm Wrist 1 6mm x 2mm

Pistol Grip Hand 1 1/4x1/16

Waist/Torso 2x 6mm x 2mm

Hip (goes inside saucer plate to attach heavy bolter) 6mm x 2mm

Weapon Arms 3x 5mm x 2mm one for each weapon (attach non cog connector weapon with a bit of sprue)

3pcs 2mm x 1mm (1/16" x 1/32")

6pcs 6mm x 2mm (1/4"x1/16")

3pcs 5mm x 2mm (3/16"x1/16")

All magnets are the highest N52 Grade Triple Coated with NiCuNi.

Want a video tutorial?  Here's Rob Baer from Spikey Bits

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