4x GW Flight Stand Magnetizing Kit

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GW has released many new hover crafts on shortened flight stands and we felt it was time to help magnetize them.


You can chose between magnetizing the existing flight stand the model comes with or replacing it entirely.


GW Flight Stand Magnetization Kit

Use your existing flight stand on the GW model and magnetize it with these magnets for a sturdier hold. This kit also comes with 3 magnets to put underneath the base of the model to magnetize it to a tray.

 Disc Magnets
8x 8mm x 2mm
Disc Magnets 32x 5mm x 2mm
Disc Magnets 12x 6mm x 2mm



Flight Stand Replacement Kit

This kit is just like our other Large Flat Flight Stands, but shortened up and with fewer magnets to keep the model close to the base. Measuring only 12mm tall when fully assembled.

 Acrylic 4x 12mm x 8mm Tall
Disc Magnets 8x 12mm x 2mm