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Rock Anchors For Magnetic Flight Stands

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These are the Rock Anchors that support the magnetic flight stands we carry from the sheer forces in the world.



Most flight stand kits we carry already come with these excluding the X-Wing and Aeronautica Imperialis kits.


These adapters help secure the et inside the tube on the model's base.  This will help prevent the flight stand from rocking back and forth.

Acrylic - Rock Anchor recommendation

Extra Small: 3mm

Small: 6mm

Medium Small: 8m

Medium: 10mm

Large: 12mm

Extra Large: 20mm

Mega Large: 25mm

All rocks have some additional margin to compensate for a magnet that shifts while being glued. For the Extra Small, it's around 3.4mm rather than the 3mm rod, for the large it's closer to 14mm.

If there is a different size that you happen to need, these are easy for us to resize. Please contact us and let us know what size you need.

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