4x Small Posable Magnetic Flight Stands with Rock Anchors

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Broken flight stands?



Of course they broke, who didn't think they would?



It's alright GW, you all handle 8th edition and I'll handle the magnets!



These are flight stands that let you pose your models in whatever position you would like.






The following models work well on these flight stands:

 Eldar Jetbikes, Shining Spears




This kit contains:

4 1/4" Diameter 1.25" tall Acrylic Rod drilled to inset the ball bearing

4 1/4" Ball Bearing

4 5/16"x1/8" Countersunk Ring Magnet

8 1/4"x1/116" Disc Magnets

4 Rock Anchors


 To magnetize your skimmer, do the following:

1. Remove the peg from the skimmer base and make the surface as flat as you are able.

2. Glue a disc magnet to the base

3. Glue a disc magnet to the acrylic rod ensuring it matches up to the magent on the base.

4. Glue the ball bearing into the hole on the rod.

5. Glue the ring magnet to the skimmer with the narrow side against the hull of the ship.


Magnetizing a skimmer with this kit will take about 1-2 minutes in total.

Let me know if you want another kit you don' tsee here!

The Magnet Baron