Black Templars Combat Patrol Bundle

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Super Gold Plus Acrylic Clear Dry Super Glue
Maxi-Cure Plus Super Glue For Magnets
Insta-Set Quick Set Superglue Spray

Magnetize your whole Black Templars Combat Patrol for Warhammer 40k with this huge bundle. 

This kit does not include any models, the Combat Patrol this kit is set for includes the following models:

- 1x Primaris Marshal
- 1x Primaris Crusader Squad, comprising 1 Sword Brother, 5 Initiates, and 4 Neophytes
- 5x Intercessors
1x Primaris Impulsor


50pcs Flush-Fit Base Magnets Large Thick 6mm x 2.6mm

3pc 5-Man Cloud Plasteel Movement Tray - 32mm

3pc 5-Man Cloud Flex Adhesive Magnetic Tray -32mm

Impulsor Magnetization Kit

3 Pack Large Flat Extra Short Magnetic Flight Stands



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