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Aeldari Combat Patrol Bundle

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Super Gold Plus Acrylic Clear Dry Super Glue
Maxi-Cure Plus Super Glue For Magnets
Insta-Set Quick Set Superglue Spray

Magnetize your whole Aeldari Combat Patrol for Warhammer 40k with this huge bundle. 


Farseer 2mm x 1mm Witch Blade/Singing Spear

Wraithlord 2mm x 1mm Disc Magnets (Drilling required)

6 Windriders

2x 3 Pack Small Posable Magnetic Flight Stands - Short


Guardians with Platform



100pcs 2mm x 1mm Disc Magnets (Enough magnets to magnetize the Wraithlord, Support Weapon, and Windriders, not enough magnets for Guardians to Storm Guardian swap)

2x 3 Pack Small Posable Magnetic Flight Stand - Short (Windriders)

6x Self-Adhesive Base Magnets 32mm (Windriders)

10-Man Cloud Plasteel Movement Tray 28.5mm

10-Man Cloud Flex Adhesive Magnet Tray 28.5mm

50pcs Flush-Fit Base Magnets Medium 4.5mm x 2.2mm

2pcs Flush-Fit Base Magnets Large Thick (1 for the Wraithlord and Support Weapon)


Support Weapon option magnetization blog by The Warhammer Dad.

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