Inceptors Adeptus Astartes

Let's go through the Adeptus Astartes Inceptors magnetization upgrades.


First you'll want to replace the worst flight stands Games-Workshop has ever made with our custom posable magnetic flight stand kit. The base kit is a medium small posable with a custom bit that is just for the Inceptor.





For those of you looking to use a magnetic case, you'll want Large Thick Flush-Fit Basing Magnets.






If you want bases that have magnet holes embedded in them grab the 40mm bases here.


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Magnicators - Magnet Applicators

The ultimate tool for hobby enthusiasts, crafters, and engineers. The tip of each magnicator has a magnet facing the opposite direction ensuring parts are magnetized correctly every time. Perfect for 3D printing, War Hammer Miniatures and other hobby projects, these magnetization tools are a must-have for any enthusiast. These unique magnetization tools feature a specialized tip that reduces super glue adhesion.



Check out the tutorial from War Hammer Man Studios to learn more about how to use Magnicators for your projects.


Colors may vary, dyes are mixed by hand.

Super Glue & Epoxy

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