Reaver Magnetization Kit Instructions

Reaver Magnetization Instructions:

This kit allows you to future-proof your 40k-scale Reaver Titan.  There is a bolt on both shoulders and a magnet joint at each arm weapon.  You may be asking yourself, "Why do I need the bolt at the shoulder?  Can't I just glue it in and use the magnet to switch out the weapons?"

As often in life, the answer is "Yes, but..."

If you want to be able to swap out a Reaver gun with a Reaver melee weapon, you will need to remove the gun up to the shoulder joint, as the melee weapons make up the entire arm.

If you buy a new gun that is either much larger or much smaller than the one you had originally, you might have to pivot at the shoulder to keep the center of balance at the right place.  It would be awful to bring out your new gun, only for your very expensive model to tip off of the table and onto the floor.

Those examples represent many future "what if" scenarios, so if you are only interested in gluing the arms at the shoulder, you can ignore any steps with the FP label at the end of the line. 

Reaver Magnet Kit

This is the full kit for Reaver gun magnetization.  (Colors will be different).  Left most is the weapon magnet locator disk.  From then on we get two each of: shoulder armor outer ring, shoulder armor inner ring, bolt, washer, 25mm x 3mm disk magnet (red/blue indicating magnet polarity), and 3D printed upper arm replacement piece.  The bolt will work with a 7/16" nut driver or socket.

There will also be two more 25mm x 3mm magnets, one for each of two Reaver guns. 

Reaver Melee Kit

Top: This is the Reaver melee arm magnetization kit, long bolt, washer, melee upper arm replacement part, two alignment cones.  Bottom:  Once you have the arms magnetized, to add more guns, simply buy another 25mm x 3mm disk magnet.

Reaver Resin Parts

The resin parts that we will modify.  Shoulder armor, shoulder, battle titan gun.  To the far right is a simplified version of the top-most melee weapon joint.  (Not needed for non-melee weapons.)  Duplicate for other shoulder.

Reaver Shoulder Armor

Shoulder armor:  Remove the cylindrical nub from the bottom of the armor piece using a hobby saw, knife, clippers, or your favorite Witchfire psychic power. FP

Reaver Gun Arm Magnetization Instructions:

(Melee Arm Instructions follow below)

Gun Piece Modification

Battle titan gun. Put the magnet locator over the cylindrical nub on the top of the weapon. Trace around the locator with a pencil or marker. Remove the nub using a saw, knife, or Jokero Weaponsmith. Ensure that the nub is completely gone so the magnet will sit flush.
Glue a 25mm disk magnet in the center of the tracing. We recommend the strongest glue you have, such as 5 minute epoxy or similar.
Pay attention to the polarity of the magnet!

Reaver Shoulder Modifications

Drill a hole through the shoulder for the bolt.  Recommended drill size is 17/64" or 7mm, as long as it is bigger than the 1/4" wide bolt. FP

Alignment Rings

We must add a spacer for the top of the bolt.  Use the inner and outer rings included. FP

Shoulder Ring 2

Place the outer ring on the shoulder armor and the inner ring on the outer armor. FP

Shoulder Ring Modification

You can now remove the shoulder armor when you need to access the bolt, as well as for transport.  If you have access to larger drill bits, such as a forstner bit, you can drill the holes for the recesses instead of using the inner/outer rings. FP

Reaver Arm Magnet Placement

Paying attention to the polarity of the magnet on the battle titan gun from earlier, glue or epoxy another 25mm x 3mm disk magnet into the recess at the bottom of the upper arm replacement part.  Note that the recess is deep enough for BOTH magnets.

Fully Magnetized Reaver Gun Arm

Feed the bolt through the washer and the shoulder into the threads in the upper arm replacement piece. FP
Be careful when contacting the gun to the arm, as the magnets are very strong. If it is too strong, you can insert a very thin piece of cardboard, plastic card, or corpse starch in between the two magnets to cushion the blow.
If the contact isn't strong enough, it is possible that the recess under the arm replacement piece is too deep, so you can file down the bottom of the arm replacement piece to bring the two magnets closer together.

Melee Arm:

Melee Arm Assembly

Use the side recesses on the upper melee weapon part to align the cones in the center of the weapon joint side parts.  Glue the cones in place.  Use sand paper, files, or a combi-melta to fine-tune the recess or cones so the joint can just barely be rotated when the glue sets.

Reaver Melee Arm Cutaway

Feed the long bolt through the washer and the shoulder into the upper melee arm replacement piece.

Due to the angle on the bottom ring of the shoulder, you may have difficulty getting the bolt to align with the replacement piece. You can file or drill out the bottom of the hole up in the shoulder to enable to bolt to have a slight angle.

Once you have your Reaver titan set up as above, adding another gun will only require one more 25mm x 3mm disk magnet.  To add another melee weapon will require another full Reaver Melee Weapon kit (bolt, washer, 2 cones, 3D printed replacement part).