Imperial Knight Magnetization Kit 1.0 Description, Contents, adn Instructions


Have an Imperial Knight you want to magnetize?

Get exactly what magnets you need with this kit!  I've included a couple extra of each magnet just in case something goes wrong.

This kit works for the Kastelans if you get an extra set of weapons as well as the new Canis Rex kit and Knight Tyrant and Knight Abominat, kit.

All magnets are sorted into individual bags with short descriptions of where they are intended to be placed.

What is included:

  • 3x 2x2mm (Magnetize the head, Shapeways offers alternative heads, these fit the knight's original head))
  • 4x 3x2mm (For the chest mounted melta,  stubber, and multi-laser)
  • 4x 3x3mm (Shapeways knight heads are sized to fit these)
  • 4x 5x2mm (Carapace weapons)
  • 14x 6x2mm (For elbows and thermal cannon/battlecannon swap)
  • (To magnetize the base to a magnetic tray) (1 for the carapace if you have the new knight)
  • 2x 10x3mm (For the waist-to-torso joint)-1 extra
  • 2x 12x2mm (For the torso-to-waist joint)-1 extra
  • 5x 12x3mm (1 for the back of the Battlecannon/Thermal Cannon elbow, 4 go to the shoulder joints)

 All magnets are the highest N52 Grade Triple Coated with NiCuNi.


Toast hammer has a detailed tutorial using this kit here: