40k Warlord Magnetization Kit 1.0-Retired

Many of you have used our Warlord Magnetization Kit over the years and we wanted to preserve the instructions for the first kit while we upgrade to an easier kit to make sure you can still get full use out of your kit.


Complete contents of the page before updated

 Baseline Kit Contents

  • 32x 10mm x 3mm (3/8x1/8) Disc Magnets- Arms & Carapace weapons (2 magnets per joint)
  • (You can magnetize 6 arms and 6 carapace weapons with this many magnets)
  • 2x 1"x1/8" Disc Magnets for the torso>Legs magnetization
  • 9oz Two-Part 5 Minute Epoxy

Spikey Bitz did a couple videos on putting together a Warlord Titan together: