Tyranid 40k Bundle

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Want to know where to start with all the different options for Orks?

Here's a great bundle on all the things you'll need to be a truly smert Ork.


This bundle contains:

2 Flush Fit Base Magnets for the bases of all your Boyz.

1 pack of 100 1/8"x1/16" magnets for your character arms and many of the weapons on the vehicles.

1 pack of Medium Posable flight stands for DefCoptas with base rocks.

1 pack of 2 Large Flat 4" stand for the jets with base rocks.

4 Magnetic Movement Trays 3x2 triangles

2x Magnetic Movement Trays 6x1

6 Magnetic Movement Trays 5x2 Offset


The trays in this set will hold 90 Orks on trays with 100 magnets for the bases of all the models.

Select either the 25mm or 32mm tray options depending on whether you have the new bases on your Orks or not.


For more base magnets, click this link and grab the flush fit large magnets for your Orks.

For more movement trays, check out the section with all the trays and pick out he shapes/designs you like.