Tyranid Combat Patrol Bundle

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Get ready to magnetize a Tyranid army.


This kit does not include any models, the Combat Patrol this kit is set for includes the following models:



This bundle contains:

  • 2 packs of 50pcs Medium Flush-Fit Basing Magnets for Gaunts.
  • 1 pack 50pcs 5mm x 2mm disc magnets for Carnifex options. (2 Carnifexes worth)
  • 1 pack 100pcs 3mm x 2mm disc magnets for Carnifex back options.
  • 1 pack 50pcs 6mm x 2mm disc magnets for Hive Tyrant and Warrior options. (2 Tyrants or 1 box of Warriors)
  • 6pcs 5-man Cloud Plasteel Movement Trays 25mm

For more base magnets, click this link and grab the flush fit size you need for your models.

For more movement trays, check out the section with all the trays and pick out the shapes/designs you like.

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