Trihex Citadel - Bases

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Scale - 28mm, can be rescaled (Contact us for custom scaling)
Please Note: Some assembly and trimming may be required.  Colors of the filament used may vary.

Delivery – This is a 3D printed piece, please allow 1-2 weeks for this piece to be printed and shipped.

Ornate Letter A

hey returned to The Dragon's Rest in a confused state, Recounting the events within an ever changing labyrinth of chambers. All agreed that preparations must begin to venture back and try to understand and catalog this newly discovered realm, the Trihex Citadel.

This free set contains 15 bases - 5 x 25mm, 5 x 32mm and 5 x 40mm bases. All scaled to standard base heights and great for blending your miniatures into the Trihex Citadel flooring. Don't forget you can mirror the files in your slicer for even more variety!
Adventure awaits in the ever-changing Trihex Citadel!