Sylvaneth Army

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Looking to get a full army for Age of Sigmar?  Check out this Sylvaneth army!

Every now and then it's time to sell off some models and swap out table displays for conventions.


This army includes:

1 Treelord Ancient/Durtho magnetized

3x Branch Witches

1x Branch Witch missing Scythe

1x Branch Wraith Conversion

102 Dryads

2 Treelords

5x Tree Revenants

A full bag of extra dryad bits

4 Tree Revenants NOS (5th was used for the Branch Wraith conversion)

Just about all of the bases on the models are magnetized for carrying trays.


I can include a crusader case from GW for an additional $90.


Shipping is included for domestic, international buyers will need to contact me directly.