Comms Tower

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Scale - 28mm, can be rescaled.

(Contact us for custom scaling)

Please Note: Some assembly and trimming may be required.  Colors of the filament used may vary.

Delivery – This is a 3D printed piece, please allow 1-2 weeks for piece to be printed and shipped.

Ornate Letter A

he distant signals of home can only be received though the use of the Communications Tower. On some remote planets these become the only up-links able to reach out of the dense atmospheres between the planet surface and space.

This product is also part of the Outpost: Origins Ultimate Collection

This model is a 2 piece Printed file and prints without supports. The antennae slots into the base section allowing for rotation.
The Comms Tower is a tall piece of scatter terrain when printed at 100%, standing at 185mm high when built. It works well as a large stand alone piece or can be scaled down and placed on top of buildings.