Sampler Rare Earth Disc Magnets

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This is a basic sampler of some of the more popular flight stand sizes that gives you an idea of what the different flight stands are capable of.

This kit comes with one of each of the following flight stand kits:

Extra Small Flat flight stand- great for small models, such as Gargoyles and Drones

Small Posable flight stand- great for Inceptors

Medium Small Posable flight stands- Eldar Jetbikes, Tomb Blades

Large Posable flight stand- Starweavers, Venoms, Landspeeders, Piranhas


These incredible magnets are great for anything that you would use Velcro, brass fasteners, hinges, pins, etc.

My clients range from craft companies to hobbyists to painter to carpenters to purse makers.  These little magnets have MILLIONS of applications.



These magnets should be kept away from any animal or human who might try and eat them, they have the potential to separate and pinch intestines causing serious and life threatening complications.


These magnets are more brittle than glass, please make sure you don’t let them slam into each other or drop onto the floor, they WILL break and I will be sad for you.


Let me know if you have any questions!