Outpost: Origins - Vehicle Kit

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Ferro-Magnetic Terrain is all about keeping your magnetized minis right where you left them.  These terrain pieces are made with a material that your magnetized models will stick to.  They're also light enough so your models won't pick them up when you remove them.

Scale - 28mm, can be rescaled (Contact us for custom scaling).

Please Note: Some assembly and trimming may be required.  Colors of the filament used may vary.

Delivery – This is a 3D printed piece, please allow 1-2 weeks for this piece to be printed and shipped.


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Ornate Letter T

he minerals had been extracted and refined and the factories put into production. The process had begun for building all the parts needed for the colony to start crafting their vehicles for further exploration into this strange world.

This product is also part of the Outpost: Origins Ultimate Collection


The Outpost: Origins - Vehicle Kit is a growing construction set aimed at letting you build a vast array of vehicles of all different types.


Each piece is designed to work across a multitude of vehicles giving you the freedom to build everything from small armoured drones to dropships and gigantic land crawlers.

Doors are hinged to allow for opening and closing and wheels rotate, as do the VTOL engines.


Using the supplied clip system sections can be locked together for easy tear down and rebuild. the clips also take 5mm ball magnets if you'd like to magnetise the roof sections to allow for playable interiors.

All pieces print without supports and have been checked and test printed. Everything is designed for 28mm gaming but has been test printed down to 15mm scale (60%) letting you create vehicles for all your favourite sci-fi settings.

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Build Guides

Dragonfly Build Guide


The set is compatible with the rest of the Outpost: Origins range allowing you to create some truly amazing (and crazy) vehicles when combined with the other sets.
Click Here for a full pictorial list of all the tiles included in the set