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10 Pack Magnetic Self-Adhesive Sheeting 12"x12" 30mil

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50pcs Flush-Fit Base Magnets

Cut magnetic adhesive sheets using your Cricut Maker or Silhouette.

These sheets are 12"x12" and proudly MADE IN AMERICA!

Make cutting easy with the correct size.

70% more material per sheet than a standard 8x10 sheet.

We get 3 times as many parts per sheet with our 12x12 vs 8x10 sheets.


Cricut Maker cutting instructions

Blade Type: Deep Cut

Profile Settings

Pressure: 220lbs

Passes: 3

 Blades dull quickly using magnetic sheeting, finding a bulk source of blades is highly recommended. Blades also get gumed up with the adhesive and material, cleaning the blade in between materials with rubbing alcohol is recommended. Better yet, keep a blade for magnetic sheeting specifically (what we do internally).


We use blades we found on Amazon and get between 30-50 sheets per blade.



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