Warhammer 40,000 Flight Stands

Flight stands for Warhammer 40,000 for skimmers, flyers, drones, and the Superman Riptide that you deserve!

Magnetizing Chart: For a guide on magnetizing different models options and flight stands, see the WIP magnetizing sheet.


For a clear drying superglue that won't fog up acrylic, use the Super Gold Plus:

Extra Small Flat: Gargoyles, Drones, Storm Boyz, Jump Pack Marines
Small Flat: Jetbikes, Destroyers
Medium Small Flat: Custodes Jetbikes
Large Flat: Wave Serpent, Fire Prism, Ghost/Doomsday Ark, Night Scythe, Hammerhead, Devilfish, Riptide, Storm Talon, Storm hawk, Ork Jet
Extra Large Flat: Storm Raven, Fire Raptor, Valkyrie, Monolith, Thunderbolt, Lightning
MEGA Large Flat: Thunderhawk, Orion Dropship, Marauder, Tiger Shark, Manta
Small Posable: Eldar Jetbikes, Inceptors
Medium Small Posable: Necron Destroyers, Skyweavers, Wasp Walkers
Medium Posable: Landspeeders, Sammael, Tyranid Warriors, Custodes Venatari, DefCopta
Large Posable: Venom, Starweaver, Vyper, Hive Tyrant, Command Barge
Extra Large Posable: Storm Talon, Storm Hawk, Harpy, Hive Crone, Helldrake, Hemlock Wraithfighter, Crimson Hunter, Razorwing Jetfighter
White Metal Games has painted several of our newest displays such as the Storm Talon on XL Posable, DefCopta on Medium Posable, Tau Commander Magnet Baron theme on Medium Posable, the, as well as the Primeris Ultramarines, Pox Walkers, Calgar, and Chaos Sorcerer.
They are a top tier painting studio and have been at this for years.  We workw ith a lot of commission painters and they do an amazing job on the models, are very professional, communicate frequently, hold to deadlines, and generally conduct themselves as a top level studio.
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