Warp Gate

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Ornate Letter A

he warptes built to allow travel across the vast distances between galaxies. Instead they tore a hole in the fabric of reality spewing forth chaotic beasts and unimaginable horrors!

These 3D-printed Warp Gates come with a number of options.
Base Styles: This determines the 'front face' of the portal, meaning the ring framework and stairs leading up to it. 
  • Outpost-Compatible: Can be connected to other Outpost Origins sets. 
  • Trihex Tile: Can be connected to other Trihex Tile sets.
  • Trihex Token: Can be connected to other Trihex Token sets.

Portal Styles: This determines the 'back face' of the portal, meaning the piece that connects behind the primary ring and stairs. These can be clipped on using Dragon's Rest Terrain Clips to allow you to remove and replace the portal with another style. 

  • Powered Down: A deactivated portal ring, showcasing the technological components.
  • Activated: An open warp portal surging with arcane energy.
  • Dice Tower: Same as the Activated version, but with a hole in the top of the portal for you to drop dice into, turning the portal into a handy dice tower!
  • Full Set: One each of the Powered Down, Activated, and Dice Tower portal backs for the chosen Base Style.
  • Double Portal: Replace the back portal with a second portal base, back-to-back, to make an even more interesting terrain feature. 
    Scale: 28mm, can be rescaled (Contact us for custom scaling)

    Please Note: Some assembly and trimming may be required.  Colors of the filament used may vary.

    Delivery – This is a 3D printed piece, please allow 1-2 weeks for this piece to be printed and shipped.