Magnetization Starter Bundle

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Start your magnetization journey here with this complete magnetization and tool kit.

All of the magnets, drills, and tools for you to learn how to magnetize like a pro.


Rare Earth magnets are the strongest magnets in the world.  These magnets have pull several times their weight.



Magnicators (Blue/Red +/- polarity sticks)

Pin Vise for holding and turning the smaller drill bits.

Small Drill Bit Bundle: 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm drill bits.

Medium Drill Bit Bundle: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm

Maxi-Cure 1/2oz super glue






10pcs of each

Diameter x Height

2x1mm (1/16"x1/32")

3x2mm (1/8"x1/16")

4x2mm (5/32"x1/16")

5x2mm (3/16"x1/16")

6x1mm (1/4"x1/16")

4.5x2.2mm Medium Flush-Fits

4.5x2.6mm Medium Thick Flush-Fits

6x2.6mm Large Thick Flush-Fits


N52 (The Strongest grade)


Nickel Copper Nickel



(Neodymium Iron Boron)


These incredible magnets are great for anything that you would use Velcro, brass fasteners, hinges, pins, etc.

My clients range from craft companies to hobbyists to painter to carpenters to purse makers.  These little magnets have MILLIONS of applications.



These magnets should be kept away from any animal or human who might try and eat them, they have the potential to separate and pinch intestines causing serious and life threatening complications.


These magnets are more brittle than glass, please make sure you don’t let them slam into each other or drop onto the floor, they WILL break and I will be sad for you.